Werknesh ወርቕነሽ

Werknesh: an Amharic word in the official language spoken in Ethiopia translates to “You Are a Golden Woman”. Werknesh aims to provide quality, unconventional products and spread the joys of life. Our goal is to create an uplifting atmosphere where we promote and celebrate each other as Golden Queens!

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Habesha Kibe

Werknesh presents an authentic 100% Ethiopian gem… Habesha Kibe is the ultimate organic pre-shampoo hair product, used by Ethiopian women for CENTURIES. This treatment truly strengthens and adds shine to hair, while nourishing the scalp with healthy fatty acids and vitamins. The organic milk makes an extremely rich, soft and buttery texture that will coat and protect both your scalp and hair. Habesha Kibe is a completely natural approach to hair care. It is free of sulfates and dyes which can irritate the scalp. If your hair is left feeling brittle and limp after a weave, braids, or coloring, try our Habsha Kibe it will hydrate and ensure maximum moisture. Whether you suffer from breakage, dryness, or you’re just looking for a natural product to maintain your healthy hair, Werknesh’s Habesha Kibe is the product for you. Traditionally, women apply the Habesha Kibe on days they work at home and leave it in overnight. It is strongly believed to give one a lifetime of overall good health. Today, it continues to be part of Ethiopia’s culture; women and girls frequently go in for Habesha Kibe treatments in neighborhood salons or do it themselves in the comfort of their home.

  • Liya Kebede

    an Ethiopian born super model, actress and business women speaks about her hair in an interview at intothegloss.com saying, “one thing that they do there [Ethiopia] is they put butter in your hair—real butter. It’s different than butter here [United States] because it’s not processed; you make the butter yourself at home, or you buy it, but it’s so organic, and there’s nothing in it. They do it like a treatment, in salons—it’s incredible! Every time I go there, I do it. It really fortifies your hair and makes it really healthy.”

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About Us

Habesha Kibe is directly imported from Ethiopia. It is an authentic and ancient Ethiopian pre-shampoo hair treatment. When clarified and mixed with spices this butter is used in cooking.
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Meron Hailekiros

On Meron’s first trip to Ethiopia, she learned that this hair treatment was an essential part of Ethiopian hair care. It was then that Meron realized the need to make this available to everyone.



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