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Directly imported from Ethiopia,Habesha Kibe,  Werknesh’s first product for sale, is an authentic and ancient Ethiopian pre-shampoo hair treatment.  Normally this butter is used in cooking, but can serve as a hair and skin treatment.

On Meron’s first trip to Ethiopia, she noticed this hair treatment was an essential part of Ethiopian care and  was used by all the women and girls.   One afternoon while spending  the day in her aunt’s house, she watched  her cousins apply the Kibe on each other.  Although it had a distinct and unfamiliar smell, she out of curiosity requested that she get the treatment as well; from then on, it has become an essential part of her hair-care routine.

A decade later, while attending Agnes Scott, Meron introduced Kibe to her non-Ethiopian college roommates and they fell in love with it. They mentioned how moisturized their hair was without the product weighing their hair down. But most of all, they enjoyed the cool and calming feeling of the Kibe as it penetrated their scalps.  It was then that Meron realized  the need to make this available to everyone.  Each time you purchase Werknesh Habesha Kibe, know that it is derived from grass-fed cows, is of the highest quality, and is hand-packaged by Meron with you in mind. Here at Werknesh, or golden woman, we want to help you keep your crown healthy and supple for years to come.